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Vivo Monitor Stand

The vivo monitor stand is a perfect way to keep your monitor even on the largest desk possible. It's heavy-duty fully adjustable stand will fit most desks, and it's also non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Plus, it comes with a software key to help keep your monitor on your desk.

Vivo Dual Monitor Stand

Dual monitor stand is a great way to keep your monitors in one place and keep the screen size down. This stand allows you to have two different screens open at once, and it’s easy to use. You can put one screen on each arm, and it’s perfect for use in a small room or in a school room. one downside to this stand is that it doesn’t have a stand recommendation yet. However, when it does, this dual monitor stand will be it. This is because it’s not something that’s going to be used routinely or even occasionally, but it’s something that’s perfect for those rare occasions when you need two different screens in one place.

Vivo Monitor Stand Extension

This used vivo dual monitor articulating desk stand is a great choice for those who have two or more screens in their room. It can be attached to a wall or desk with ajustable brackets. The stand also includes aales wall charger which makes it ready for use when you're out of power. this product is a perfect stand for your monitor. It is adjustable to fit most systems, and it projects a images up to 24" wide by 16" high. The stand also includes a map of the system on the front panel. This is the perfect way to see your system in a more realistic way. this monitor stand is perfect for using a single lcd monitor in your office. It's fully adjustable to fit most screens, and it's made from heavy-duty materials for lasting use. The stand also includes a built-in tripod for smooth, consistent performance. this attachable desk mount will let you have one huge, working surface at your fingertips. The stand is fully adjustable to fit almost any desk size, and the monitor stand will keep your work area looking good while you're on the go.