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Amazonbasics Adjustable Monitor Stand

Looking for a work surface that can be height adjusted? look no further than the amazonbasics adjustable monitor stand! This height-adjustable desk arm mount is a great choice for those with height limits or who need to move around in their work area. With a simple flip of a switch, the amazonbasics adjustable monitor stand can adjust any desk top to a final height. Whether you're using it for the day-to-day use of your computer monitor or you want to use it as an work stand, the amazonbasics adjustable monitor stand is a great choice!

Adjustable Monitor Stand, 5-Pack

Adjustable Monitor Stand, 5-Pack

By AmazonBasics


Amazonbasics Adjustable Monitor Stand Target

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Best Amazonbasics Adjustable Monitor Stand

This amazonbasics adjustable monitor stand is a great way to keep your computer desktopstand feeling even morewords than before. The stand is adjustable from 12. 5 inches to 47. 5 inches, so you can fit as little or as much screen space as you want. The monitor stand also has two adjustable height rails that make it easy to get the perfect fit for your device. The stand comes with two legs that can be inserted anywhere in your room, making it the perfect spot for using nature's little liese as your work desk. The stand also has a sweatband to keep you warm while you're working, and a built-in tray to hold your desk's in-unit monitor. This amazonbasics adjustable monitor stand is perfect for any room where a adjustable desk might be too heavy or difficult to move around. Making it a great choice for busy people out there. It's easy to set up and miele-like design makes it highly portable. It can be used as a stand for all types of laptops, video games, and suitcases.